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Roo Betty

The Talk Kind Bracelet - Carnelian / Orange

The Talk Kind Bracelet - Carnelian / Orange

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Looking for a tool to help you believe in yourself and achieve your goals? Look no further than the Talk Kind Bracelet™ from Roo Betty. Each bracelet features a natural Carnelian gemstone with a specific energy interpretation and colour therapy to balance your internal energy, along with a simple cleansing and included mantra to set your intentions for a powerful path ahead.

With the Talk Kind Bracelet™, you're never alone, even in your darkest moments. The vibrant, fiery energy of the Carnelian gemstone promotes self-worth and passion, while the orange colour stimulates creativity, youthfulness, and emotional strength, connected to your Sacral Chakra.

It's hand-made in the UK with materials from China and Portugal,  and a locking magnetic clasp for easy wear.  Included are gemstone care instructions. Choose from S/M (36-37 cm) or M/L (38-39 cm)

All printed materials and packaging are made in the UK by eco-friendly companies, making the Talk Kind Bracelet™ a natural, sustainable choice for your mental well-being. Embrace your confidence, creativity, and emotional strength with this passion-inducing, natural gemstone bracelet.

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