About Roo Betty

At Roo Betty, we understand the ups and downs of mental health and well-being. We believe it's okay to do things your way and we want you to feel loved and supported. Our mission is to promote positive self-talk and kindness as key to a balanced state of mind.

Founded by Ruth, a yoga teacher and mental health advocate, Roo Betty offers a range of products and services aimed at helping you love yourself more. From positive affirmations to calming meditations, we're here to provide gentle reminders and emotional support.

Wear the Roo Betty logo and feel wrapped in love, like a warm hug. Our brand motto, "TALK KIND🤍LOVE YOU," emphasizes the importance of self-love and kindness. We believe this message can change the world for the better, creating a more compassionate and happier society.


Ruth From Roo betty - Yoga Teacher and Creator of mental Wellness Brand Roo Betty to help support your mental health