About Roo Betty

About Roo Betty 

We know it’s not easy. We know you have down days and euphoric days and days that hold no explanation. We also know, that there’s our way of doing things and there’s your way of doing things ……...and that’s completely OK.

Your mental health and well-being is important.  We want you to feel loved and supported.  We know that change is hard but we know it's possible.

Through years of therapy Ruth from Roo Betty found the missing part to a great mental health, was how you spoke to yourself. 

Talking kindness is the key to a balanced well-being and mental health.  

Throw in some positive words, some powerful mantras and some magically relaxing meditations and you'll start to feel more you.

We're all Emotional Beings, being emotional is completely normal.  Keep being YOU, because WE think, you're Amazing. 

The Roo Betty Mission

Ruth From Roo betty - Yoga Teacher and Creator of mental Wellness Brand Roo Betty to help support your mental health  

If you’re still reading this and want to know a little bit more about the Roo Betty  brand?........... then please read on.


 Hi I'm Ruth, 

My mental health started to deteriorate at age 14 after years of medication and therapy I finally found a way to manage my mental health and I want to share that with you.

I want you to love you and to have a balanced mental health.  Roo Betty is about gentle reminders to help you love yourself that little bit more. 
I want you to wear the Roo Betty logo and feel wrapped in love, a warm hug that helps you to feel supported.
I am certain that the Roo Betty brand motto of
will be as big as the Nike "Just do it" vision I believe that this motto of Talk Kind Love You, is what's missing in the world, it's what the world needs..... more love! Because more love in the world means a better more compassionate world where we all feel amazing together.
And that love starts with you!