About Roo Betty


I know only too well the pitfalls of neglecting your Mental Health.  So I want you to make sure you're not neglecting yours. Talking kindness is the key to making sure your well being is in tip top shape.  Taking care of yourself through exercise, mantra and meditation are a few of the tools you can use to support yourself on this wonderful journey that is Life.  I know it’s not easy. I know there are down days and euphoric days and days that hold no explanation. I also know that there’s my way of doing things and there’s your way of doing things ……...and that’s completely OK.

We're all Emotional Beings, being emotional is completely normal.  Keep being YOU because I think you're Amazing just as you are.

About Ruth Elizabeth

If you’re still reading this and want to know a little bit more, here goes.

I used to know who I was but somewhere along the way I became lost.   I was trying too hard to fit in and as a result had become a mish mash of voices and people in my head.   It was starting to become overcrowded in my head it was getting very loud.   The noise was so overwhelming that I wanted it to stop.

I had come up against a lot of bullies who had made me feel useless or stupid. I had made it my mission to find out what was wrong with me after all I must be broken.  Don’t get me wrong there have been a lot of supporters too but somehow I had misinterpreted the way of the world and thought that I didn’t “fit”

Instead of ignoring those voices, I listened to them and ended up in a very bad place.  But one day I heard my Roo Betty voice, the voice inside me who was the real me.  Maybe you have one of those voices too?  She said “I don’t think you’re broken, I  think you are amazing just as you are”

I managed to find some therapy to understand my emotions and what they were telling me, who I should be listening and how I could manage my mental health to lead a fulfilling and authentic life (although I do hate that word)

The turning point was my understanding of the word “Acceptance” For years I had thought that if I accepted things as they were I was giving up and therefore losing the very essence of my being.

As a result I drove myself “mad” quite literally trying to find a way of fitting in and being in this world.  When I understood that accepting didn’t mean giving up and that I could do it my way, life became easier.  I still have my emotional outbursts especially when I can’t articulate what I mean.  But when I meditate, I sleep better, and if I sleep better I am more coherent in my head and as a result I actually feel a little more human.

I want you to feel the best version of you too ...and that’s why I say