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Roo Betty

The Talk Kind Bracelet - Blue Aventurine / Turquoise Blue

The Talk Kind Bracelet - Blue Aventurine / Turquoise Blue

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The Talk Kind Bracelet™ is the perfect support system for your mental well-being. This handcrafted bracelet empowers you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

The Blue Aventurine gemstone and turquoise blue colour therapy in the bracelet promotes hope, empathy, clear speech, and creativity. You can cleanse and charge your bracelet with the included mantra, "My voice is clear, I have confidence and self-belief, I speak my truth."

The bracelet is made with dyed cork and natural gemstones, with stainless steel spacers, magnetic connectors, and a Roo Betty tag. It comes with instructions on how to care for and cleanse your gemstone, and a Palo Santo stick is included for cleansing purposes. The bracelet is available in two sizes, Small/Medium (36-37cm) and Medium/Large (38-39cm).

Keep in mind that this is a handmade natural item, so please be aware of slight colour and size variations. Get your mental well-being support system today and start your journey towards self-belief and confidence!

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