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Roo Betty

The Talk Kind Bracelet - Amethyst / Purple

The Talk Kind Bracelet - Amethyst / Purple

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Elevate your energy and feel empowered with Roo Betty's Talk Kind Bracelet™ in purple amethyst. This vegan cork bracelet features a natural amethyst gemstone with corresponding color therapy and meaning, promoting spiritual growth and intuition. By cleansing and reciting the included mantra, "I am intuitive, I am wise, I have vision. I understand my purpose," you set your intention and pave a powerful path ahead.

The locking magnetic clasp makes it easy to wear, and the bracelet comes with a Palo Santo stick for cleansing and care instructions. Handmade in the UK with materials from China and Portugal, this bracelet is available in two sizes. Each bracelet may have slight color and size variations due to the natural gemstone.

Invest in your mental and spiritual well-being with Roo Betty's Talk Kind Bracelet™ - your constant source of support and reminder that you are never alone.

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