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Roo Betty

Roo Betty Cartoon Notelet & Envelope - Still a Queen!

Roo Betty Cartoon Notelet & Envelope - Still a Queen!

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Introducing the Notelet with Black Envelope, featuring an inspiring message from Roo Betty that is sure to lift your spirits and help you overcome any mental health challenges you may be facing. The print reads: "Roo Betty got the better of her mental health by understanding that sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes your crown slips. But that doesn't mean you're no longer a Queen. Remember you're royalty, no matter what. Pick up that crown, straighten it, and get back to being the best version of you."

Measuring at 6" x 6" and printed on high-quality card stock, this notelet is the perfect way to remind yourself or a loved one that better days are ahead and to boost your mental well-being. Gift your best friend with these quirky prints to let them know how awesome they are, and that you are here to support them through whatever challenges they may face.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to smile at whatever life is throwing at us and to pick ourselves up after a setback. With Roo Betty's inspiring message, you can find the strength and courage to overcome any obstacles that come your way and get back to being the best version of yourself. Order your Notelet with Black Envelope today and start spreading positivity and motivation wherever you go!

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