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Roo Betty

Roo Betty Cartoon Notelet & Envelope - You're a star

Roo Betty Cartoon Notelet & Envelope - You're a star

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Introducing our Roo Betty notelet and card, featuring a sparkly celestial design with an empowering message. This print reminds you that you are a star, shining bright and unique in your own way, just like Roo Betty.

A simple print with big words to motivate your mental health and remind you of your worth.

Gift your best friend with these quirky prints to remind them how AWESOME they are. Let them know that they are a star too, and that they deserve to shine just as brightly as you do. This makes for a great gift to say that better days are to come and to boost your Mental Well-Being. Sometimes we all need a reminder to smile at whatever life is throwing at us, and these prints will do just that.

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