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Roo Betty

Roo Betty Cartoon Notelet & Envelope - Talk kind to YOU.

Roo Betty Cartoon Notelet & Envelope - Talk kind to YOU.

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The Roo Betty cartoon notelet with black envelope is a perfect reminder to talk kindly to yourself on a daily basis. It's what Roo Betty's logo is all about, and it has the power to change your mindset and the world around you. Remember, love starts within, and you can let the ripples of positivity span out across the universe.

This simple print with big words will motivate you to prioritize your mental health. And it also makes a great gift for your best friend! Remind them how awesome they are, and that better days are to come. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to smile at whatever life is throwing at us. The notelet measures 6" x 6" and comes with a black peel-and-seal envelope. It is printed on high-quality card stock and will surely brighten up your day.

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