FREE 5 Minute Meditation by Ruth of Roo Betty

FREE 5 Minute Meditation by Ruth of Roo Betty

Roo Betty
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Would you love to gain a few minutes a day just for you? Feel as if you truly had time for yourself and that you had jumped off the hamster wheel just for a moment?  The feeling you get when you breathe in that bracing sea air and your whole body tingles with relief.

It's possible to have that with just 5 minutes of meditation a day (and more if you really wanna go in)

You can even do this at your desk.  Time to breathe and just be for a moment nobody asking you to do anything, just some time especially for you ....that's priceless HUH?

Meditation doesn't have to take hours (although we do recommend at least 20 minutes to feel the full effect) just giving yourself 5 minutes on a daily basis will make a difference.

This meditation is especially for those who are new to meditation as it's a short guided experience which means you can build on your practice easily.

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