Why OUR bracelets are important for your mental health.

Why OUR bracelets are important for your mental health.

What jewellery means to Roo Betty

Bracelets, they’ve been around for years.  Over 7000 years to be sort of precise.  We just love this concise history written by Overstock.com here   But what Ruth of Roo Betty loves doing the most is going to museums and having a actual in real life look at the history that is jewellery.  From the ancient Greeks to more modern Victorians, jewellery has been really important to many many people. And somewhat important to me, Ruth, throughout my life.

So what is it that I love about bracelets and jewellery?  Well I’ve had a fascination with anything that sparkles since I was a young girl.  Magpieish in my nature I’m attracted to the shiny and glittery.  I’ve worn all the rings and all the bracelets for as long as I can remember, I’ve even had the broken ones melted down and made into bangles and new rings.  Kinda recycling but also embracing that they are part of my history and I don’t want to let them go. I have life bangles and life rings, that are part of ancestors and memories that I don’t wish to let go of.  They are dear to my heart and are memories of a moment in time.  I even did a project for Horsham Museum styling their Victorian Death Jewellery, which I absolutely loved doing.  The past holds pain, as well as fascination for me.

I know I know, we should let go of things that don’t serve us.  In fact this has been the most banged on about piece of advice that I have been given since embarking on my mental health mastery journey. I tried to embrace letting go, I tried to sort out the things that meant something to me and the things that didn’t .  I tried to embrace the words but here’s why I hate that phrase.

I get it, don’t get me wrong, grasping on to some things for dear life is neither lifesaving or life affirming.  In fact if you’re not careful they will take you down with them, drowning in each other's emotions and faults.  But here’s the thing, we learn from these events.  We grow from our mistakes and our pitfalls. After all, if you haven’t felt the flame how would you know that it burnt?   It’s what makes us stronger, it's what makes us who we are.  In fact I have challenged most who have said those words to me.  Not because I wish to trip them up, but the words are meaningless when merely said out loud and not discussed from a personal point of view.  After all, we all know where we’ve made our mistakes and why things aren’t important anymore but we rarely give them the praise that these horrible moments have done for us.

Remember those break ups that really broke your heart, those awful jobs that drained your soul .  Those arguments in relationships that broke your spirit.  Well they all mean something.  They all bring you to where you are now and guess what.  I know you’re a fighter, a true warrior with all the heart required to go into battle with.  Those experiences have meant you’re more equipped for the future, more ready to go on than ever.  In fact you could say invincible.

I know, right now it doesn’t feel like that.  God I’ve been there. Terrified by what awaits, feeling invisible, small in comparison to the bear that you’re up against.  But then a dear friend stepped in….she gave me a bracelet.  Like a piece of armour, this bracelet gave me the courage I needed, when I needed it the most.  Allowed me to go forward with a smile on my face.  Protected me with its meaning made me even braver.

This is why our bracelets are important.

I’ve brought together all the things that bring me joy, colour (believe it or not I love colour even though I mostly wear black)  Crystals because those little gemstones are not just pretty things, they have meaning and manifest powers that you never knew you had.  Plus the mantra, wrapped up in all of this is the power that words hold.  If you say them often enough, if you truly believe what you say , the magic rubs off on you and then you have the power to go forward to be brave to master your mental health and feel totally invincible.  Because we all have that power. We just have to believe.  And if you don’t believe me then try for yourself.  Because everything that I bring to you, I give a little road test , I make sure that there is an ounce of truth in it’s meaning because I know then you can’t fail!!!

Why not try for yourself or perhaps you know a friend who just needs a little bit of courage.  Because then you'll be in our tribe and we can all offer you the support you need.

Each of our Talk Kind® Bracelets have a specific meaning and mantra placed to them.  We have tried and tested all of our advice before giving it and can totally rate these as the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who may be struggling with their mental health.  Check the collection out below.

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