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Celeste Tee - Heart Chakra PINK
Celeste Tee - Heart Chakra PINK
Celeste Tee - Heart Chakra PINK
Celeste Tee - Heart Chakra PINK

Celeste Tee - Heart Chakra PINK

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A T-shirt to contrast even the darkest mood.  Roo Betty knows that wearing certain colours can really start to weave it's magic on you.......Making you feel brighter too!

How do we know that?  Well, it's something we learnt whilst doing our 8 week mindfulness course. Colour Therapy has been the topic of many research papers.  We like to test every theory.  And....we can certainly say that this theory has something in it!

Boost your Mood.

The Colour Pink is connected to your Heart Chakra (it’s also represented by the colour Green but also with PINK) The Heart Chakra is : "I LOVE" -  COMPASSION, SINCERITY, ACCEPTANCE.

The science of Colour Therapy is still being theorised and studied, but we just love the idea of feeling different for each colour we wear.

Pink is the divine Feminine. Joy, Kindness and Love.  It Sympathises and is very Calming .  Pink is just so Playful, wear this colour to nurture and comfort you. Pink makes you feel Safe but shows your Vulnerable side.  Don't be afraid to be YOU


Roo Betty loves to wear Black but when she needs to feel brighter, she reaches for her "Celeste" to spark that JOY!!!

Which colour will you choose?

Please measure before selecting your size If you love a baggy t-shirt we advise going up a size - This style is a medium fit.

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