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Roo Betty

INTUITION - Third Eye Chakra ( Blue) - Masculine Energy

INTUITION - Third Eye Chakra ( Blue) - Masculine Energy

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Awaken intuition and inner vision in our Third Eye Chakra jumper, designed with masculine sophistication. The mesmerizing indigo shades, shaped by Roo Betty's AI, invite you to trust your instincts and tap into higher wisdom. Step into profound energy with confidence.

Each jumper is a manifestation of healing energy, inspired by the masculine spirit and crafted with artistic precision by Roo Betty's AI. It's more than attire; it's a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Size Guide

Height 171 175 179 183 189 195 195 195 195
Chest 86 93 99 104 116 129 135 142 162
Waist 71 76 81 89 99 112 119 130 137

Chest: Measure all round your chest just below your armpits.

Waist: Measure round your waistline, where your trousers would button up.

Height: Your natural height.

If you fall between the sizes, go for the larger of the two.

Product Specification

Certified Organic Cotton Sweatshirt, 300g/m2. Wash cool, hang dry. GM free. Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal-derived products. Printed with low waste printing tech. Made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.

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