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About Roo Betty

Ultimately what shapes US is our stories.  The events in our lives that make us who we are.  Events that are both joyous and tragic and sometimes downright unfair or unjust.  But that's not the end of our story it's how we continue that matters.  It's about how we speak to ourselves, the words we use to get us back up and out there. 
Words of Love and Kindness.
Ever said you're "fine" when you're not? 

​Then WE understand, and that's why Roo Betty is here.
Roo Betty knows all about bad mental health, living through the majority of her teens and into her 30's battling her mental health and finding support was medication, which kept her in a blurred bubble.   She finally broke free and now shares how to keep your mental health in check.
Good Mental Health is when you LOVE YOURSELF.
Our brand is built around Talking Kindness and we know from personal experience that Self Worth, Self Belief and Self Love are the seeds you need to plant in order to turn yourself around. LOVE you for the unique beautiful being that you are.  Be proud of who you are.
Whether you've been affected by bullying, mental illness, chronic illness or adversity. You have a story to tell and a life to lead.  Talking Kindness has the power to change your life!  Talking Kindness is your hidden strength. 
Never give up!
Our products are designed to help support your journey and your way of doing things, because no "one size" fits all.

We're not being emotional that's just the way we are!

Enjoy being You! Your mental health and well-being matters. 
Talk kindness everyday, especially to YOU!