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Roo Betty Yoga & Meditation

As a Yoga teacher I know that Yoga works for your physical well-ness as well as your mental well-ness.  I love to teach complete beginners, I love to see them "get" Yoga.  Starting Yoga & meditation will help you to understand your body.  You will start to "feel" connected with yourself.   Literally anyone can practise yoga, yeah maybe not the head standing, body contorting style but you can move your body and start to feel the benefits.

Yoga isn't a cure all, it's a tool to be used in line with lots of other tips and techniques to help you live a life that your're loving.

Before starting any new exercise routine, it's always best to get it cleared with your GP/Doctor  first.  Especially if you have previous injuries or medical conditions.  I always advise to watch the video in full before you attempt to try it for the first time.  Please email if you need further clarification.

You can do the whole Yoga routine or skip to the end and just use the meditation practices.

If you love this style of Yoga then let a friend know . And share the Roo Betty LOVE.