Peach Pink  cork bracelet with stainless steel magnetic clasp . Gemstone Rose Quartz   bead with stainless steel tag with the logo of Roo Betty of  a heart in a speech bubble .  Presented in a black gift box
Black bracelet gift box with white foil inlay of the Roo Betty logo of a heart in a speech bubble.
Each bracelet comes with white instruction cards about your bracelet.  Photo is of card cover in white with black logo of a heart in a speech bubble
The card show the gemstone meaning for Rose Quartz and the colour meaning for Pink along with the mantra that matches this bracelet
Each bracelet comes with Cleansing instructions and a palo santo magic wand for you to cleanse and set intention to your crystal gemstone
Close up picture of the "magic wand" Palo Santo stick for cleansing your Talk Kind Bracelet
Photo of Roo Betty  Talk Kind Bracelet in Peach Pink cork strap with Rose Quartz gemstone and stainless steel tag with engraved heart in a speech bubble
Close up photo of the ethos behind the Roo Betty Talk Kind Bracelet - excerpt The Talk Kind Bracelet is there to remind you that you always have support. Giving you the power to believe in yourself because you can achieve anything you put your mind to .
Close up photo of the card enclosed with your bracelet that gives meaning to the colour and gemstone of your bracelet along with the mantra for you to use whilst wearing your Roo Betty Talk Kind Bracelet
Instructions on how to Cleanse your gemstone

The Talk Kind® Bracelet - Rose Quartz / Pink

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The Talk Kind® Bracelet is there to remind you that you always have support. Giving you the power to believe in yourself because you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Each bracelet has a gemstone and colour therapy interpretation attached to it. Helping you to re balance your internal energy making you feel...well, more YOU!

By cleansing and charging your bracelet and reciting the included mantra, you set your intention, opening up a powerful path in front of you.

Remember, if you feel lonely, it doesn't mean you are alone. Even at your darkest moments there is light. Feel supported and loved. But above all.......

Talk Kind to You!

Gemstone Meaning:

Rose Quartz is the stone of compassion and emotional healing. It promotes unconditional love and is synonymous with the heart. Encouraging self acceptance, self forgiveness and self worth.

Colour Meaning@

Pink is the divine Feminine. Joy, kindness and love. It sympathises and is very calming. Pink is playful, this colour nurtures and comforts you. Pink makes you feel safe but shows your vulnerable side. Don't be afraid to be YOU.


I have peace in my heart, I accept all that I am, I love without prejudice.

Talk Kind® Bracelet

Dyed Cork Vegan Bracelet with Natural Gemstone and Stainless Steel Spacers and Roo Betty Tag

Instructions include how to care and cleanse your gemstone.  Please note some colour variation may occur as this is a natural product.

Included in the box is a Palo Santo stick for you to cleanse your crystal. Please use responsibly and always ask an adult for help.

Small - 38 - 39cm

Medium 39 - 40 cm 

Large 41- 42cm