The Tangled Mind Podcast - Our Mental Health Story

Myself and Mr Roo Betty we're invited to be guests with the amazing Michael Bailey Brown on his podcast the Tangled Mind

Michael has influential and brave guests each week discussing their mental health stories and also points of view from the family and how it has effected them. He hopes to help others reach out and start that mental health conversation removing the stigma of mental health with the hope of reaching many more people and helping to change their lives for the better.

We take this opportunity to talk about our struggles with my mental health.  Our interactions with the NHS, how doctors have helped and hindered at times.  Along with my experience of removing myself from the continuous cycle of mental health medication. You get to hear what it is like from a husbands point of view looking in on and how he supports me along with ways he manages his own mental health. We also talk candidly about our brush with Child Services how we felt with that experience and ultimately how we manage to keep ourselves in a happy and healthy marriage. What that looks like and how we have both educated ourselves in order to stay married.  Listen and pass along to anyone you think may benefit from this open discussion.  Thanks for Listening. 

You can listen to the full interview here -


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